DUrbanTV partners with TVBrics


DUrbanTV has signed a Memorandum of Intent with TVBrics, an informative channel about the life, history, culture and economy of five member countries; Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa.

The TVBrics channel was officially signed into being by the member countries at the 9th BRICS Conference held in Xiamen, China from 3-5th September 2017.

DurbanTV signed their agreement with the TVBRICS channel on 6th September 2017.

The agreement came about as a direct result of a meeting between Doreen Theys of Durban MediaNet, the holding company of DUrbanTV, and the TVBRICS representatives at the 2017 Durban Film Mart.

The TVBRICS representatives were immediately impressed with DUrbanTV’s innovative capacity as a streamcasting TV channel as well as the content that was being produced, and, the conversation soon overcame the Russian language barrier as similarities of content and ideals, co-production and collaboration opportunities to develop the TV industry in Durban and KwaZulu Natal specifically were discussed.

The signing of the TVBRICS Memorandum is a huge opportunity for DurbanTV, initially enabling Durban city and business to link with TVBRICS to promote our city and province directly via the TVBRICS and partner channels. Ultimately it will lead to collaborations and co-productions between the TVBRICS partner channels and DurbanTV enabling SA’s first streamcasting channel to showcase Durban, KwaZulu Natal and South African cultural, historical, business and industry development news, sport, travel and TVBRICS related items on an on-going basis, as well as forging links to organise related events such as festivals, conferences & forums, all of which will bring about a greater understanding and opportunities for development between the Brics countries.

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