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DUrbanTV Zululand Game Lodges show Courage during #SALockdown

Whilst the world is in #Lockdown our Zululand game lodges and wildlife areas are still being watched over by its most dedicated of guardians. The wildlife may be enjoying the peace away from vehicles and humans, but for the essential staff there are still fences to check, lawns to be mowed, rooms to be cleaned, even though no one is there to enjoy them. All of our lodges and tourism venues are in limbo and it’s particularly hard for them to carry on, waiting for the all-clear to be given so that they can once again welcome guests to our beautiful region. They all need courage, and courage is exactly what Isibindi Lodges is all about, and has in abundance.

Isibindi Lodges is just one local tourism company that has a range of lodges, from Rhino Ridge, the first private concession lodge in Umfolozi Game reserve, Kosi Forest Lodge, Tonga Beach lodge and the recently opened Tsowa Safari Island situated on the magnificent Zambezi river.

Like many others across our region the Isibindi staff are not resting. They are busy during lockdown keeping the lodges clean, the vehicles serviced, the fences checked and the wildlife monitored, ready and waiting to receive visitors again.

We all need courage to get through this period of isolation… to be brave to fight this Covid-19 Coronavirus. Isibindi reminds us all that by staying #StrongerTogether it won’t be too long before we can all immerse ourselves in our great outdoors once again.

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