Eureka Institute assists Early Learning in SA


The Eureka Institute of Educational Policy, an autonomous nonprofit educational organization originating from Russia recently conducted workshops across South Africa to provide services in fields of education and science.

The Institute’s main activities includes providing programs of professional training and development required for the modernization of education, gathering information about new methods of organization, teaching and learning and using it to improve the quality of education through courses, conferences and published material for serving teachers and educational managers

The seminars “Opportunities and Potential Effects of the Application of Modern Russian Educational Technologies, Methods of Teaching and Education for Ensuring the Development of Preschool Children in Educational Organizations of South Africa” and “Opportunities and Potential Effects of the Application of Modern Russian Educational Technologies, Methods of Teaching and Raising Schoolchildren at the Level of Initial General and Basic general education in educational organizations of South Africa “, organized in South Africa by experts from ANO the “Eureka” Institute of educational policy with the support of the Russian Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo” were held on September 14-15, 2017.
The seminars were aimed at acquainting South Africa with effective Russian development technologies for working with preschool and school age children.

This topic is relevant for teachers of South Africa and parents of children of bilinguals and polylinguals coming from Russia who are aimed at obtaining a quality developmental education that gives the child the opportunity to live and develop in any country of the world, preserving the language and, without losing touch with the culture of the homeland, or their homeland parents.
The participants of the seminars not only listened to the lectures, discussed the content of the materials in question, most of the time they were given the opportunity to make practical tests, observe the actions of experts conducting the seminar, master the technology elements in the work of practical workshops.

Within the framework of the seminars, it was demonstrated that the child’s developmental grounds were universal.

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