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Green Diwali channels Hindu ethos to respect Durban’s wildlife

Mitchell Park hosts Green Diwali at Mitchell Park from today to Sunday 11 to 13 October to celebrate the festival of lights. The park will sparkle with lamps to light up the night and displays to enlighten the community about the origins of the festival.

By opting to celebrate without fireworks that introduce noise and chemical pollution into the atmosphere, organisers Dr Sanil Singh and Anivesh Singh hope to channel the Hindu ethos of respect for nature.

– Friday: the celebration opens when the are switched on at 7.30pm; the park will be open until 8.30pm.

– Saturday and Sunday: open from 11am until 9pm but it’s best to attend after 5pm to appreciate the lights after the sun has set.

There will be vegetarian, mind, body and spirit stalls highlighting the philosophical aspects of the celebration.

A number of DHC’s partners are involved in this project and our Street Booksellers will be there in force.

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