Intellectual Property Exhibition

DUrban’s art world is an eclectic mix of modernism, urbanism & traditionalism and no where is this better expressed than at the annual Intellectual Property Exhibition.

Robin Opperman, the mind behind Intellectual Property Exhibition 2017, is a master of recycled art which finds homes in corporate venues, private collections and art Galleries internationally, so his guiding eye for creativity and devotion to present spaces where that creativity can be showcased, admired and gain recognition is the medium through which Intellectual property has evolved.

This years event brought together an array of artistic work, from crafters and jewelry designers, to graffiti artists, fine art pieces and paintings which portrayed the inspirations and collaboration of artists on a single canvas.

Delve into DUrbanTV’s interpretation of ipexhibition2017 now ONLY on DUrbanTV  

To contact the artists go to IPexhibition

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