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KZN & JHB Philharmonic stay in tune during #SALockdown

Whilst both the KZN & JHB Philharmonic orchestra’s Summer season performances have been cut short by the #Coronovirus it certainly hasn’t stopped the musician’s from staying in-tune with each other in order to take to the stage once more just as soon as the #SALockdown is over.

Classical musicians from both orchestra came together figuratively speaking during the #SALockdown to create what must be the largest musical collaboration online. 47 musicians, each playing within the confines of their homes across the country played in time to one another using a click track to bring music to our ears. DUrbanTV says, “Bravo!” Take a moment to enjoy their repertoire and just maybe they’ll give us an encore.


Video Producer: Ailsa Kaminski

Video Editor: Kevin English

Composer Eddie Clayton


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