PowerKing VW revs up the races after 36 year absence

Durban’s famous PowerKing VW golf racing vehicle will make a historic return to the track this weekend when Kingsley Wood, the original driver and owner of the vehicle, brings it to race at Dezzi Raceway as part of the Historic vehicles class…36 years since the two, driver and car, began their racing careers in 1981.

Its been two years of hard work to strip and re-build the car for owner Kingsley who got it back from Johannesburg where it had been racing for some years. The rumours of the cars re-emergence to racing has brought great excitement as fans and former opposition drivers look forward to the hearing the roar of the engine as it speeds around Dezzi this weekend.

The PowerKing car will take part in the historic class race at Dezzi Raceway on Saturday 5th August.

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