Surfing’s ‘Sexy Ugly Beautifuls’ revealed

Durban Surfer and Ocean Adventurer John McCarthy is set to heat up the South African adventure writing scene with the launch of his new book The Sexy Ugly Beautifuls.

The Sexy Ugly Beautifuls is a rock ‘n’ roll collection of ocean infused adventures; so named after the colourful characters and exotic destinations John discovered in his global quest to ride the perfect wave. These stories share John’s unique journey from youthful bodysurfer in South Africa to the thundering tubes of Hawaii’s North Shore and on into the wilderness of Namibia and Mozambique.

This book brims with a wanderlust that drives John to hunt down waves in remote and unusual places. The result? A life of extraordinary adventures. A visceral turn of phrase – – delivered with humour – takes us with him on this wild and crazy ride.”  Steve Pike – Founder Wavescape Media

“John’s dedication to surfing makes this a completely authentic read.”  Grant ‘Twiggy’Baker – Multiple Big Wave World Surfing Champion

“John’s empathy and connection with people shine through in his wonderful character descriptions.”  Tom Hewitt – MBE Founder Surfers Not Streetchildren

“The way John thinks and writes about the ocean is unique. This book allows us to share in his extraordinary relationship with Mother Nature.”  Olivia Symcox – Head Shark Angels SA

Above all else, John is a surfer. His is a life lived with the sea at its very heart. Publisher of theBOMBsurf magazine, instigator of theGREENERsurfer, and architect behind the Swim Free Confidence Underwater course, he is the founder of OCEAN CHILD, an environmental surfboard and adventure company. A former internationally competitive surfer and surf consultant to various television and film projects John lives with his wife and two children in Durban, South Africa.

A limited edition, first release copy of the book will be available for sale between now and November 15 exclusively on

Mainstream and ebook versions will be available from January 2019.

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