A Shot In The Dark

Baristas cups overflowed when local SA coffee blenders competed to create the perfect blend, judged by some of the world’s best coffee officianados. DUrbanTV was there to get a taste of their ‘Shot In The Dark’.

A Shot in the Dark is a brand new multimedia coffee experience that tests the skills of 10 of South Africa’s best Coffee Roasters, in an exciting competition format.

Coffee Magazine, along with Genio Roasters and Speciality Coffee Exchange, have sourced an 86+ Specialty grade, direct trade Nicaraguan coffee for this competition. Each Roaster received 6kgs of coffee with the brief to roast this outstanding micro-lot to its best possible potential.

The competition culminated at Creative Coffee Week in Durban where the 10 Roasters brought their roasted coffee to be judged blind by two top international judges, world-renowned coffee celebrity, Lem Butler, the US Barista Champion and Ben Weiner the founder of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, the coffee producer from Nicaragua, who assessed the coffees in two ways, firstly by cupping them and secondly as espresso.

A Shot in the Dark is more than just a competition; it’s an experience where the A Shot in the Dark audience and the roasters were able to roast batches of the coffee, share knowledge, techniques and roast insights.

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