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Sept 29 – Ilala Weavers – Nestled between a cluster of fever trees, on the outskirts of Hluhluwe is Ilala Weavers Gallery, Museum, Restaurant and Nursery. This outlet provides an opportunity for the sale of traditional Zulu basketry, a skill specific to this rural community which is passed from one generation to the next, making each one a unique piece of African heritage.

Sept 27 – Sunny Girl Eps 6 – Playing Detective – Sunny Girl becomes a detective to solve a problem in her classroom.

Sept 25 – China Farm Eps 6 – Digang Village in Huzhou province is an ancient town. This fishing community has no need for commercial fish food, saving them 80% of the cost. This Unesco praised symbiotic agricultural method of farming also gave birth to the silk industry dating back to the Ming dynasty. Sericulture makes land in mountainous regions more arrable in Guangxi. Aohan villagers reap millet, buckwheat and sunflowers collecting seeds as they have done for centuries. And the Shangbao terrace fields reveal a hidden golden prize amongst the largest terrace fields in China.

Sept 21 – Emdoneni Wild Cat Breeding Project – The Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre in Zululand is doing vital work to save large and small African cat species. Wonderboy Nhlovu explains the vital work behind Emdoneni to preserve the genetics of African wild cats, serval, Caracal and the majestic Cheetah and release their off-spring back into the wild to ensure the on-going protection of each unique species.

Sept 20 – Sunny Girl Eps 5 – The Little Troublemaker – Sunny Girls little brother torments her at home but she soon sees his brotherly love for her, and becomes her hero of the day.

Sept 18 – China Farm Eps 5 – The megacity of Beijing has resolved the issue if how to provide enough eggs for it’s massive number of consumers, and mountainous regions use solar energy to grow vegetables.

Sept 14 – SEPTEMBER HERITAGE MONTH – DUMAZULU CULTURAL VILLAGE – DumaZulu is a unique living Zulu cultural village just outside Hluhluwe in Zululand. As a true reflection of the culture of the area, the village residents inspire tourists and locals to embrace and learn more about Zulu heritage.

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Sept 13 – Sunny Girl Eps 4 – Sunny Girl gives her little brother BenBen courage to overcome his fear of needles.

Sept 11 – China Farm Eps 4 – To lift communities out of poverty scientists work with local farmers in Henan Province to combine traditional methods with modern farming methods to get the best out of their natural resources. This has resulted in a greater harvest for honey and mushroom producers.

Sept 07SEPTEMBER HERITAGE MONTH – Explore Horizons ANEW – The ANEW Hluhluwe Hotel is perfectly positioned to explore Zululand and experience the rich heritage of the area, from Zulu culture to natural heritage. Travel with DUrbanTV on this trip to Hluhluwe, as we feature the hotel amenities and highlight some of the local attractions.

A video report by DUrbanTV

Sept 6 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 3 – Sunny Girl learns a valuable lesson about telling the truth and friendship.

Aug 30 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 2 – Sunny Girl’s father encourages her to overcome fear and achieve her goals with a gentle push.

Aug 28 2023 – China Farm Eps 2 – Desertification is a threat facing many countries due to growing climate change. In inner Mongolia, the southern-most part of the Hunshandake Desert is being held back by farmers who are literellay enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Aug 23 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 1 – Sunny girl learns all about the Chinese Dragon boat race and making traditional Zongzi with her classmates.

Aug 21 2023 – China Farm Eps 1 – Whilst African farmers are just beginning to use drones to map land and assess crop growth, farmers in China are using them for some unexpected every-day farm tasks. This programme is brought to you by CGTN as part of a BRICS Media partnership.

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