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As part of our association with the International Tourism Film Festival Africa (ITFFA) and TVBrics, DUrbanTV presents the Russian Travel Series CheckList, which takes us through the most unexpected and unbelievable experiences across Russia’s natural landscapes, vast territories and diverse cultures.
CHECKLIST – Episode 1 –  View Russia with presenter Misha as he takes us on his ‘CheckList’ of experiences and culture of Khakassia, a region of central Russia.
The Republic of Khakassia is a country of mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and valleys of incredible beauty steeped in legend and mystery. The Khakas or Khakass (Khakas), are a Turkic people who live in the region of Khakassia and speak the Khakas language. Misha takes us to the most powerful hydro-electric dam in the Russia, reveals ancient folklore, provides a taste of local foods and goes skiing at a resort frequented by Vladimir Putin himself. And of course, in Russia, you’re guaranteed lots, and lots, and lots of perfect snow.
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