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May 06 – Chinese Belt & Road initiative drives Lesotho development – The Ha Mpiti-Sehlabathebe Road, one of the key projects of the China-Lesotho cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, has entered its final stages of construction.

May 05 – Water Diversion Project – China’s South-to-North Water Diversion Project has achieved simultaneous development of environmental protection, economic development, job creation and poverty alleviation, paving way for a prosperous life for people.

May 03 – Chinese Legal Popularization campaigns – China has been carrying out publicity and education campaigns to raise public awareness of the law and promote the building of a law-based government.

May 02 – China Green Development – Building upon the ancient Chinese wisdom that humanity and the natural world were closely interconnected, China today is committed to developing an ecological civilization. CGTN host Sui Xiang and Alexis Lavis, associate professor in philosophy at the Renmin University of China, went to the Saihanba Forest Farm in north China’s Hebei Province and witnessed a miracle there: a wasteland has been turned into a huge forest.

Mar 24 – Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 world exhibition takes place in South Africa (source: ССTV+ & TV BRICS)

Mar 24 – China approves new principles for environmental protection (source: China Daily & TV BRICS)

Mar 14 – Durban’s Affair with Fashion – As part of eThekwini’s SMME Development programme the city of Durban has supported local clothing designers, developing skills and affording them opportunities to have their collections seen on the most prestigious catwalks, and these stylish young protege’s are turning heads in the fashion world.

Source: DUrbanTV

Mar 08 – China Farm Eps 11 – A Chinese flower farmer has instilled the help of a familiar South Africa bird to help keep down weeds and insects across his fields and creating a model for Agri-tourism.

Source: CGTN

Mar 08 – Sunny Girl Eps 11 – A transfer student joins the class

Source: CGTN

Mar 05 – China-Gov’t Work Report/2023 – Various of opening meeting of second session of 14th National People’s Congress (NPC) in progress

Source: CGTN

Mar 05 – China-Gov’t Work Report/Opening-up – Opening meeting of second session of 14th National People’s Congress (NPC) in progress

Source: CGTN

Mar 05 – TODAY China-CPPCC Opening – China’s top political advisory body starts annual session

Source: CGTN

Mar 05 – TODAY China-NPC Opening – China’s national legislature opens annual session

Source: CGTN

Mar 03 – Sunny Girl Eps 10 – Speech Contest – The class compete to see who can deliver th best speech.

Mar 01 – China farm Eps 10 – China farm visits a farmer who uses so much solar energy he is known as photovoltaic Wang. By utilising the space underneath solar panels Wang has energised the space.

Feb 23 – Brickworks builds Confidence in Durban Logistics – DUrbanTV

Building on investor confidence in the city of Durban, Investec Property, a subsidiary of the investment banking giant, announced that e-commerce group Takealot will take up residence in an expansive new distribution warehouse being developed at its new R6 billion Brickworks logistics park.

The project is Investec’s biggest property project in SA at the moment.

Feb 22 – Sunny Girl Eps 9 – Who’s the Expert? Sunny Girl helps her grandmother and they both learn that the answers to many problems are right at their fingertips.

Feb 22 – China Farm Eps 9 – Biomass projects in Hunin produce clean energy which reduces CO2 emissions and solves the problem of what to do with the masses of husks left behind in the cultivation of rice. Corn husks rejuvenate the soil and garlic producers use innovation to increase their yields.

Feb 16 – Sunny Girl Eps 8 – Always More Solutions Than Problems – Sunny and her school friends make kites and discover a few challenges along the way, but nothing that can’t be solved between friends.

Feb Feb 15 – SA INC Eps 9 – DLAB Precinct SafeHub’s offer space for entreprenurial spirit to grow in Soweto, Kyalitsha and 8 other venues across South Africa. Volkswagen stays true to its history as the ‘people’s car company’, investing in education from childhood development care through to full university burseries.

Feb 15 – TV BRICS support region of Yugra – TVBrics and the representative office of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area – Yugra have signed a co-operation agreement.

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Feb 14 – DUrbanTV launches ChinaVU channel in South Africa – South African internet channel DUrban TV, together with China Media Group, China’s largest broadcasting corporation, is launching the TV channel ChinaVU in South Africa. The project is one of the results of years of work between DUrban TV and TV BRICS.

Read the full story: TV BRICS partner in South Africa launches a TV channel about Chinese culture | TV BRICS, 14.02.24

Source: DUrbanTV & TV BRICS

Feb 13  – China Farm Eps 8 – Farmers in the mountainous areas of Guizhou have teamed up with botanists to develop hybrid varieties of paper mulberry tree that provides much-needed portein to pigs, cattle and goats.

Brought to you by CCTV+

Feb 12 – Sunny Girl Eps 7 – A Strict mother can also be Kind – Sunny Girl realises her mother’s constant checking up on her comes from her love for her children.

Brought to you by CCTV+

Feb 10 – Chinese martial Arts – Martial arts play a huge role in Chinese culture and of course a major part in New year celebrations.

Report by CCTV+

Feb 09 – DUrbanTV media partners CCTV+ present the spectacle of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Report by CCTV+

Feb 09 –  Chinese New Year Greetings from Guangdong – As China rings in the New Year according to their traditional calender the governor of the province of Guangdong and Consuls General send greetings to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

Report by GDToday

Feb 08 – SA INC Eps 8 – McDonald’s Together Mzansi project brings dignity to local communities through the citizens of South Africa. Bidvest Prestige provides the stepping stones to assist SMME’s for growth and diversity

Feb 01 – SA INC 7 – Allan Gray Orbis Foundation to nurture entreprenuers. Sanlam facilitates access to funding for SMME’s

Jan 26China plans to invest $3.5 bn in Brazil’s mining industry – Brazil and China are deepening their relations. According to the data, Beijing held a record share of Brazilian agribusiness exports in 2023.

Not only grain exports, but also trade between the two countries in the mining sector should increase. Chinese companies are expected to invest at least $3.5 billion in the northern regions of Minas Gerais and the southern part of Bahia state alone.

Read the full story : report by Toda Palavra & TVBrics

Dec 05 – TV BRICS Vision for global media industry – TVBrics Media Network’s vision for sustainable development of the global media industry was presented at the World Media Summit in Guangzhou, China.

See the full story on TVBrics Website

This report by TVBrics

Nov 30 – Durban Hosts Brics Sherpas – From November 30 to December 3, the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) will hold the sixth meeting of BRICS Sherpas in Durban, South Africa.
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This report by TVBrics

Nov 29 – SA INC Eps 5 – FedGroup Fund assists orphans through it’s Beneficiaries Trust Fund…and the fund itself employs previous beneficiaries who understand the importance of helping the beneficiaries. SME’s with a cash-based income have difficulty accessing funding from banks to help their businesses to grow. Mastercard and iKhokha is enabling this sector to switch to the digital eco-system with new tap-on-phone technologies.

This programme is brought to you by SA Inc.

Nov 22 – SA INC Eps 4 – Ronewa Creations is blooming in Johannesburg as a landscaping business. Moja Chicken serves up the taste of the township, and Koni Wines are crushing it in the wine-making industry. All have one thing in common, the support they got from the Hollard Big Ads For Small Business campaign. Nedbank’s Pitch My Hustle encouraged entreprenuership within communities. As a result the bank’s township branches are some of the most productive across SA.

This Programme is brought to you by SA INC.

Nov 15 – SA INC Eps 3 – Building Partnerships & Umgeni Water Catchment … Builders Warehouse works with local supply companies to clients who appreciate the attention to detail Builders Warehouse provides, and provide Hope to local communities.

Umgeni natural water catchment areas are vital to eThekweni. GroundTruth’s Enviro-Champ work in the Palmiet River to encourage communities to protect the environment within crowded settlements to enable nature to thrive within the city environs.

Nov 10 – Westown Marks One-Year Milestone – Westown Development marked one year since the construction of The New City Of The West began, with the key message of partnership and driving growth in KZN.

Nov 09 – Chinese Festival In Moscow – The “Golden Autumn” Festival of Chinese Culture is dedicated to the development of ties between Russia and China. The programme includes exhibitions, lectures, master classes, film screenings, competitions and excursions. What attracted guests to the culture of the Celestial Empire and how important is the cultural exchange between the countries.

A Report by TV BRICS

Nov 08 – SA INC Eps 2 – Therese Qhobela, a mechanical Engineering student speaks about her experience as an Engineer in Training at TransNet. Transnet provides vital rail links for commuters and commodoties, and has a unique social responsibility project that uses it’s network to provide vital services to people – The PeloPhepa train – and also works with it’s SMME suppliers to help them grow. The Atlantis Special Economic zone in Cape Town provides opportunity for the stimulation of industrial manufacturing in order to create local jobs and boost the economy of the area.

This programme is brought to you by SA INC.

Nov 07 – Skyworth brings hi-tech to South Africa – Skyworth has only been operating in South Africa for seven years, yet it is fast becoming a leader in digital TV manufacture, boasting the largest TV set available in the country. This pioneering Chinese firm is creating local employment, developing technologies in manufacturing and speeding up the digital migration of viewers.

Nov 06 – China Mall Grows local Economy – The China Mall Group is a South African company that operates a chain of wholesale and retail Chinese products malls across the country. The largest China Mall in South Africa is located in Amalgam, Johannesburg has just expanded to over 800 stores offering a wide range of products at wholesale prices which attracts traders and indivual shoppers. Durban’s China Mall is situated at the Wheel Shopping Centre. DUrbanTV recently visited the Jhb China Mall to see the impact it is having on the local economy.

Nov 01 – SA Inc Eps 1 – A series that shows how entreprenuers and businesses are booming in South Africa. Experian & the National small business centre work partenered to bring financial literacy education to small & medium sized enterprises. Wesbank show why they are a respected banking company.

This programme is brought to you by SAInc.

Sept  19 – Durban welcomes Xiamen as it’s second Chinese sister-city.

A memorandum of understanding between eThekwini Municipality and the City of Xaimen in China was signed to strengthen ties and ensure mutual cooperation for the next five years,in accordance with the principles of the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between South Africa and China.

EThekwini Mayor Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda and Vice Mayor of the City of Xaimen Zhuang Rongliang confirmed the establishment of sister city status and relations between the two cities. In July 2022, eThekwini Municipality set aside R248 000 to renew a partnership with the city of Daejeon in South Korea and to establish the chinese city of Xiamen sister city relationship. The Deputy City Manager for Governance and International relationships Sipho Cele was given the green light to go ahead with the renewal of the memorandum of understanding to promote a global view and provide sustainable service delivery to eThekwini residents.

In August, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, paid a state visit to South Africa, upon the invitation of Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa. The two leaders had an in-depth exchange of views on China-South Africa relations, China-Africa cooperation, and regional and international  affairs of mutual interest. During high-level talks, the two leaders reached consensus on a series of important related issues, including the substantial growth of China-South Africa relations over the past 25 years since establishing diplomatic ties in 1998.

Sept 29 – Ilala Weavers – Nestled between a cluster of fever trees, on the outskirts of Hluhluwe is Ilala Weavers Gallery, Museum, Restaurant and Nursery. This outlet provides an opportunity for the sale of traditional Zulu basketry, a skill specific to this rural community which is passed from one generation to the next, making each one a unique piece of African heritage.

Sept 27 – Sunny Girl Eps 6 – Playing Detective – Sunny Girl becomes a detective to solve a problem in her classroom.

Sept 25 – China Farm Eps 6 – Digang Village in Huzhou province is an ancient town. This fishing community has no need for commercial fish food, saving them 80% of the cost. This Unesco praised symbiotic agricultural method of farming also gave birth to the silk industry dating back to the Ming dynasty. Sericulture makes land in mountainous regions more arrable in Guangxi. Aohan villagers reap millet, buckwheat and sunflowers collecting seeds as they have done for centuries. And the Shangbao terrace fields reveal a hidden golden prize amongst the largest terrace fields in China.

Sept 21 – Emdoneni Wild Cat Breeding Project – The Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre in Zululand is doing vital work to save large and small African cat species. Wonderboy Nhlovu explains the vital work behind Emdoneni to preserve the genetics of African wild cats, serval, Caracal and the majestic Cheetah and release their off-spring back into the wild to ensure the on-going protection of each unique species.

Sept 20 – Sunny Girl Eps 5 – The Little Troublemaker – Sunny Girls little brother torments her at home but she soon sees his brotherly love for her, and becomes her hero of the day.

Sept 18 – China Farm Eps 5 – The megacity of Beijing has resolved the issue if how to provide enough eggs for it’s massive number of consumers, and mountainous regions use solar energy to grow vegetables.

Sept 14 – SEPTEMBER HERITAGE MONTH – DUMAZULU CULTURAL VILLAGE – DumaZulu is a unique living Zulu cultural village just outside Hluhluwe in Zululand. As a true reflection of the culture of the area, the village residents inspire tourists and locals to embrace and learn more about Zulu heritage.

A video report by DUrbanTV

Sept 13 – Sunny Girl Eps 4 – Sunny Girl gives her little brother BenBen courage to overcome his fear of needles.

Sept 11 – China Farm Eps 4 – To lift communities out of poverty scientists work with local farmers in Henan Province to combine traditional methods with modern farming methods to get the best out of their natural resources. This has resulted in a greater harvest for honey and mushroom producers.

Sept 07SEPTEMBER HERITAGE MONTH – Explore Horizons ANEW – The ANEW Hluhluwe Hotel is perfectly positioned to explore Zululand and experience the rich heritage of the area, from Zulu culture to natural heritage. Travel with DUrbanTV on this trip to Hluhluwe, as we feature the hotel amenities and highlight some of the local attractions.

A video report by DUrbanTV

Sept 6 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 3 – Sunny Girl learns a valuable lesson about telling the truth and friendship.

Aug 30 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 2 – Sunny Girl’s father encourages her to overcome fear and achieve her goals with a gentle push.

Aug 28 2023 – China Farm Eps 2 – Desertification is a threat facing many countries due to growing climate change. In inner Mongolia, the southern-most part of the Hunshandake Desert is being held back by farmers who are literellay enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Aug 23 2023 – Sunny Girl Eps 1 – Sunny girl learns all about the Chinese Dragon boat race and making traditional Zongzi with her classmates.

Aug 21 2023 – China Farm Eps 1 – Whilst African farmers are just beginning to use drones to map land and assess crop growth, farmers in China are using them for some unexpected every-day farm tasks. This programme is brought to you by CGTN as part of a BRICS Media partnership.

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