Durban hosts Brics Film Festival

Durban hosted the 3rd Brics Film Festival as part of the Brics Summit 2018. The festival enabled South African film makers to engage with members of the film industry in their fellow Brics countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

DUrbanTV focused on the Brics Film Festival and the films specifically created to commemorate Mandela’s 100th anniversary whilst a range of movies from each country where hosted on a daily basis at Durban’s Playhouse.

From these movies awards Directors, Actors, musical score and the movies themselves received an array of Awards in recognition of the standard of film-making achieved.

The film Festival added a splash of glamour to the more serious proceedings of the BRICS Leaders’ Summit, convened annually with discussions representing spheres of political and socio-economic coordination, in which member countries continue to identify business opportunities, find economic collaborations and increase their areas of co-operation.

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