DUrbanTV African Wildlife Stands To Win Amid Call To Close Wet Meat Markets

#Countdown10Days Everyone across the world may be in #Lockdown but our wildlife is enjoying their great outdoors in peace and quiet completely oblivious to our plight during this pandemic. Whilst anti-poaching units in South Africa are still on high alert to protect our rhino which have suffered major losses after years of illegal poaching to satisfy eastern traditional myths, the silver lining of this pandemic could well be the growing call for the banning of #wetmeatmarkets currently going viral across social media, which could lead to the banning of many wildlife products being sold in China.

Whilst our wildlife has a long way to go before they’re out of danger DUrbanTV reminds us during #SALockdown just what we’re all missing as life in the bush goes on without us.

When the #Coronavirus #Covid19 pandemic is over people will be flocking to our natural areas for some real experiences with nature. In the meantime watch DUrban TV to get your fix of our great African outdoors.

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