#DUrbanTV Nature the big winner after Covid-19 SALockdown

#Countdown11Days With everyone across the world being in #Lockdown many people are noticing just how much wildlife is creeping into suburban gardens and we are all beginning to appreciate our true place in the natural world.
Bhejane Nature Training is one of KwaZulu Natal’s best training centres where future guides learn everything they need to know to give their guests the experience of a lifetime in the wilds of Africa.
When the #Coronavirus #Covid19 pandemic is over people will be flocking to our natural areas for some real experiences with nature and experienced guides will be in great demand.

If you’re a student looking to join this industry there’s no better time to enquire with Bhejane Nature Training than right now.

Watch DUrban TV to find out more about this incredible training opportunity and to get your fix of our great outdoors.

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