DUrbanTV #SALockdown inspires Recycling


Along with the #Coronovirus #Covid19 we all have to think about how to #recycle our waste as DSW will be collecting Black refuse bags ONLY during the #SALockdown period.  Start a new habit today and get your recycling organised. Clean plastic containers and separate plastics from glass and paper. Before you know it you will have reduced your waste and will not only feel better about it but will have helped the planet by creating less landfill.

To show you just what can be done with all that recyclable material watch how local artists at UmceboDesign can make art from your recyclables.  Umcebo Design is proving to be one of Durban’s most innovative art studios creating beautiful objects from discarded plastic. Robin Opperman and Ujala (Jackie) Sewpersad are the creative genius behind Umcebo Design.

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