eThekwini announces new stages & groups to manage loadshedding

EThekwini Municipality’s new load shedding schedule allows for the changes in customer loads over the years and Eskom’s new requirement of catering for up to 8 stages. Implementation of the new load shedding schedule started on Monday, 5 October.
New technology introduced by the Municipality now enables the Electricity Unit to switch lower down in the network, enabling a better differentiation of Industrial and residential/commercial customers. This is expected to reduce customer complaints of inequity in the schedule.

The Head of eThekwini Municipality’s Electricity Unit, Maxwell Mthembu said load shedding is a national problem and has urged customers to support this transition. “We need to have a reciprocal co-operation on load shedding issues. Load shedding must be implemented immediately when the load is predicted to exceed capacity. Load shedding is an emergency response where all other alternatives have been exhausted. It is the last resort in a number of steps taken to prevent a total collapse of the grid,” said Mthembu.

Mthembu encourages customers to use the newly developed interactive map on the website to determine the blocks that they fall into. He also requests that customers make themselves aware of the comprehensive information available on the website as this would eliminate unnecessary complaints.

The new load shedding schedule is available on

“Customers must switch off all high consumption appliances like geysers, stoves and air-conditioning units, during power interruptions to prevent possible overload trips when power is returned. This will also protect sensitive electronic equipment from possible damage,” he said.

Customers must report a fault should power not be restored as scheduled on WhatsApp: 0767912449, call: 0803111111 or send email to:


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