Pet friendly multi-day hiking trail first for SA

Explore the Drakensberg foothills with the company of your dog on this pet friendly slack packing trail, the first in South Africa to offer a multi-day hiking trail. Best is that you can hike without the burden of a backpack walking from lodge to lodge. Your luggage is transported for you and you can look forward to excellent 3 course meals.

The top of the hill behind Antbear Lodge of the pet friendly slack packing trail in the Drakensberg

It’s not often you think of pet friendly and slack packing as luxury, but this hike offers comfortable and varied pet friendly accommodation experiences each night, luggage transfers and delectable catering. All you need to do is organise a group of friends or join one of our prearranged trips, and look forward to a gentle stroll carrying nothing more than a packed picnic, some binoculars and a good birding book…and of course, your dog.

Your pet will appreciate the trails but the organisors do suggest you bring bedding and food for you dog. While we can arrange these items too we have found that dogs feel more comfortable if they have something that smells of home.

Day 1. Antbear Lodge

Arrive at Antbear Lodge in the afternoon and enjoy a relaxing 3 course dinner and drinks before you start your slack packing trail the next morning. This is where you leave your car in a safe and secure environment and meet your guide.

Pet friendly accommodation at Antbear Lodge

What makes Antbear Lodge special is that this is quite possibly one of them most sustainable lodges in South Africa. Here you will find home made cheese from their own milk, own eggs from their own home grown chickens and a wonderful organic garden. They also offer a luxury cave for accommodation

Hiking starts heading up to the top of the mountain with spectacular views looking out over the Drakensberg Mountains. Then down into the valley where you feel far away from everywhere

Day 2. Leopards Lair Lodge

Hiking starts from Antbear Lodge heading up to the top of the mountain with spectacular views looking out over the Drakensberg Mountains. Then down into the valley where you feel far away from everywhere. The route to Leopards Lair Lodge is about 16km and its a gentle walk to get there taking about 5 hours. Spend some time relaxing along the way or arrive a bit earlier at Leopards Lair and chill out with a sundowner.

Dog friendly accommodation in the Drakensberg

Leopards Lair is one of those lovely places full of family atmosphere offering a real Agri-Tourism experience. Meet Lalie their hand reared eland, their rescue emus and ostriches and the rest of their farmyard menagerie.

Your walk from here starts off easy and then drops back down into the Mbogta Valley returning to Antbear Lodge via an alternative route to the previous day.

The distance covered each day is between 15 and 17 km. The walking is easy and the trail can be shortened or extended to suite the groups expectations. Group sizes are limited to 6 persons at that is the capacity limitation at Leopards Lair Lodge. Rates are R6500 per person and include 3 nights accommodation, guide, 3 meals a day and luggage transport.

If this sounds like something you and your four-legged friend would enjoy then take part in the survey to win your pet-friendly trek. Complete the Survey here 

For more information or to book visit Pet friendly slack packing in the Drakensberg – Antbear Lodge

Click here for more slackpacking trail options, however not pet friendly.

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