Rediscover Durban’s Hidden Gems

DUrbanTV took time out during lockdown to #RediscoverDurban. After lockdown there’s plenty of opportunity to explore and #GoLocal. Let’s support our tourism industry by becoming ambassadors of our city, explore our hidden gems and get to #KnowYourDurban.

Deputy City Manager, Mr. Phillip Sithole spoke exclusively to DUrbanTV to encourage Durbanites to re-energise the city as we move out of hard lockdown, to support and #GoLocal and get to #KnowYourDurban.

Take a journey with us as we uncover hidden gems and exciting ventures to suit everyone within the city itself and throughout its suburbs, taking us north, south and west of our east coast tourism mecca. From whale-watching to hidden treasures, heritage trails to exploring natures great outdoors at your own pace.. we guarantee you’ll see a side of Durban even many locals don’t know about.

Get out there and re-connect with your city so you too can proudly say this is #MyDurban.



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