Those Ranger Boots were made for Walking


In an exciting new partnership between The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company, a prominent footwear manufacturer based in Pietermaritzburg (KwaZulu-Natal) and WILDLANDS, the Somkhanda Community Game Reserve field rangers will be stepping out with confidence and style as they receive the latest Ranger branded boots sponsored by The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company.

With an emphasis on making shoes of the highest quality, The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company ensures that it offers traditional values of pride, craftsmanship, and integrity.

“The Ranger brand is at the forefront of spearheading our sustainability initiatives which we hope will help make a small contribution to saving Mother Earth. These initiatives include greening our supply chain by avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals in our manufacturing process. This is achieved through sourcing leather from tanneries that are environmentally compliant and promote sustainability while embracing best practices,” said Tavonga Gonyora, Sales and Marketing Director for The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company.

The support from The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company will be in the form of supplying the field rangers of Somkhanda Community Game Reserve with Ranger boots. These boots, made in collaboration with Mossop Leathers who provided the water repellent and flame retardant leather are made to withstand the tough conditions of the environment in the field the rangers operate. They will assist the teams on the ground in carrying out their various day-to-day duties. This donation of practical footwear to the hard-working team at Somkhanda will be an annual donation to ensure they are always equipped with easy-to-work in protective gear.

Gonyora said that their entire team is excited about being a part of this worthy cause as it fits in well with their drive to save the environment. “As the brand grows in market share, it is our hope that we will be able to do more with the various arms of the WILDTRUST through the WILDLANDS and WILDOCEANS programmes,” he concluded.

“These boots will help us a lot when tracking possible danger in these rocky, tight and thorny paths, we are able to walk with more freedom. The boots are light and will enable us to work with more ease whether patrolling the reserve on foot or from the chopper. Thanks to the Ranger Boot and Shoe Company,” said Sibusiso Mathe, Section Ranger at Somkhanda Community Game Reserve.

“The rangers at Somkhanda Community Game Reserve are beyond excited about this partnership with The Ranger Boot and Shoe Company. They will now be able to confidently patrol the over 12 000ha reserve knowing that they have reliable shoes that will enable them to respond accordingly to any possible threats as well as carry out their day-to-day responsibilities comfortably,” concluded Buyi Makhoba-Dlamini, WILDLANDS Marketing Deputy Director.

Somkhanda Game Reserve is a community-owned Big 5 game reserve located in northern Zululand stretching across 12,000 hectares of rolling hills and natural bushland habitat. Somkhanda Game Reserve is owned by the Emvokweni Community Trust (ECT), who represent the Gumbi community, and is co-managed by WILDLANDS – a programme of the WILDTRUST. The Reserve focuses on improving ecosystem management and driving interventions that conserve endangered wildlife and species vulnerable to poaching and illegal trade. Somkhanda promotes growth for the Gumbi community through ecotourism and environmental education opportunities. Currently, these initiatives employ around 100 community members.

To find out more about Somkhanda Community Game Reserve or to book your stay please visit www.wildlands/somkhanda/ or email

For more information on the Ranger Boot and Shoe Company, mail or contact their offices at 033 398 1124 or visit

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