Wilderness Leadership Guides take the lead to reconnect with nature

The Wilderness Leadership School, a vision of  Dr. Ian Player to encourage people to reconnect with the unique African wilderness areas of our province, has not been immune to the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.

DUrbanTV‘s featured the Wilderness Leadership trails through their coverage of the ‘Sisters In The Wilderness’ documentary.

Whilst staff are all safe and well in their respective lockdown isolation situations, the financial impact of the outbreak has hit the venture organization as hard as it has the rest of the tourism industry, forcing them to suspend all trails for the coming period.
Right now, their biggest concern is for the staff and in particular, the field guides, who not only take care of guests on trails but pass on incredible local knowledge to everyone they lead. They’re an exceptional group of passionate wilderness advocates and whilst the Wilderness Leadership School has an emergency Guide Fund set aside for such a time as this, it is not unlimited and at this time the outlook remains uncertain.

While this is the case, the organisation remains positive about the future and is looking forward to once again welcoming visitors from around the world to experience our pristine and unique wilderness areas.

With that in mind they have created a special offer for anyone keen to take to the trail after #SALockdown is over and here’s how it works:

1.    Make a donation to our Guide Fund.
2.    The value of your contribution will be credited to you for a future trail.
3.    Once the lockdowns have been lifted and travel opens again, contact our staff to book your trail date.

Alternatively, you can simply donate any amount to our Guide Fund who would greatly appreciate your contribution.

To help our guides visit: 

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