Wildlands plants Good Green Deeds

After the devastation of the recent storms across KwaZulu Natal local environmental NPO, WILDLANDS, a programme of the WILDTRUST, are planting 100 000 indigenous trees across South Africa as part of the Good Green Deeds programme during April and May.

“As an environmental organization – with sustainability at our core, the Good Green Deeds initiative is something we feel very passionate and excited about,” said Projects Director Andrew Whitley of WILDLANDS. “We plan to plant 100 000 trees across KwaZulu-Natal as well as in the Cape – and this will see the employment of over 700 individuals.”


How do I get involved?

“We want to see a wave of good green deeds spread across the country,” said Marketing Director at WILDTRUST, Lauren van Nijkerk. “Whether it is planting a tree, cleaning up in and around your home or community, or walking along the beach picking up litter – we want to know about it. We also want you to spread the ‘green love’ and nominate your friends on social media, or in your community, to follow in your footsteps and do a good deed. The official hashtag for the DEA programme is #GoodGreenDeeds, so please take a picture (or a video) of you doing a good green deed, use the hashtag in your post and nominate a friend to do the same and tag @WildlandsConservationTrust and/or @WILDOCEANSSA.”


About the ‘Good Green Deeds’ Programme.

President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) launched the “Good Green Deeds Programme” in March 2019 to mobilize every citizen to take sustainable, environmental action. The premise of the programme is that one small action can go on to inspire a global change.

The Department of Environmental Affairs website* describes Good Green Deeds as a nationwide environmental programme that proposes a simple but bold blueprint for what we can do as individuals, organisations, communities and as a nation to bring about the realisation of a cleaner and more environmentally presentable country. The main purpose is to change people’s attitudes and behaviour towards waste and its management, as well as to begin taking charge and responsibility of keeping their neighbourhood clean.

PHOTO CREDIT – Jordan Milton (Milton Media)

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