Woza Moya Artist Wall celebrates Spring

Everaldo Matonse’s art reflects new beginnings, the perfect symbolism as the Woza Moya Art Wall celebrates spring.

Everaldo was born in 1981 July 24 in Mozambique. Having a brother who was an artist, inspired him to experiment with water colours, pencil and guache and these materials were easily available to him. Matonse started to showcase his work to various people in Maputo who encouraged him to pursue his dreams of being a visual artist, and this led him to South Africa. His work is inspired by the good qualities and values instilled in him by his family. Family is very important to him and his family values led him to understand himself and his role in life. The repetition of patterns in his work are the reflection of the memories of his journey as someone who was living in a foreign country, South Africa. Everaldo loves texture and sometimes he makes the canvas rough with patterns before starting a new work. The textures symbolise the rough and smooth in life. In his work, he uses different mediums such as wood cut print, oil pastel and painting to express his

The concept behind the Woza Moya Artist’s Wall and Artist’s Cards is to create and showcase work for artists who have been hard hit by Covid. Each month a
different Artist is paid to paint a 1,2m x 1,2m wall panel which is displayed on the wall outside our Woza Moya, Hillcrest AIDS Centre shop. Woza Moya
assists the artist by marketing their work for the entire month their work is on display. A greeting card is made of the painted wall panel and sold in our shops so that artists can earn an ongoing passive income.

The painting is for sale and people can bid for the painting, bidding starts at R1500 at the start of each month, bidding will close at the end of the month and the person who has the highest bid gets to purchase the painting, the artist will get a further percentage of the sale. To assist the artist we have reproduced the artwork on a gift card and the artist gets 50% from the sale of his or her cards. If you love the artist’s work please support them by buying a card they are only R25, and card sales help artists earn a passive income. We are honoured to have Everaldo Matonse  as the artist of the month, and his painting Friends. Depicting Two friends on a blanket. Two seated women who seem almost too big for the canvas fill the entire scene. The one has the bird of peace on her finger while her friend contemplates the complexity of life. This is such a beautiful intimate scene, and the bird makes it quite a quirky piece, and one really wants to know what they are talking about and discussing. There is luscious texture in this piece.

Woza Moya Artists wall is made possible thanks to 100% Foundation’s 12 month sponsorship. Everaldo is the fifth artist, who will be featured for the month of October as a celebration of Spring.

Woza Moya is the economic empowerment project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust.
Shop opening times:
8am -4pm Woza Moya Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust 26 Old Main Road Hillcrest
9am -5pm Woza Moya Windermere centre
Saturdays 8- 2 HACT and 9-2 Windermere Centre

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