Young musicians unite in Rhapsody for COVID-19

Young musicians from across the world synced their instruments to entertain everyone ‘under pressure’ due to the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. They chose the classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, written by Queen in 1975 which became the most popular song of the 20th century. This version would surely meet with the approval of Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Adam Lambert, and indeed, the ultimate showman himself, Freddie Mercury.

Artists from Russia, the USA, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan and Switzerland participated in the creation of the cover version with everyone staying at home, playing and recording their part of this epic musical piece and this final video is presented by the musicians to everyone who needs support during this difficult COVID-19 time.

Joshua Brown, Anna Chenchikova, Ruslan Turuntaev, Mauro Paolo Monopoli, Simon Buerki, Anastasia Ushakova and Lisa Yasuda participated in the recording.
“Together with friends from different countries, we prepared Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I hope that it will warm your hearts during this difficult time”, Anastasia Ushakova, the winner of the IX International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians, cellist and blogger, says.

Before recreating “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the musicians held a challenge on the internet in which they showed that the power of music can unite all people on the planet, even when the borders of the countries are closed and visits are impossible, as each artist played and recorded their favorite folk songs.

Queen performing with Alan Lambert have recently recorded their own response to COVID-19 in honour the frontline workers risking their lives every day to contain the disease and the band is now planning ‘The Rhapsody’ Tour for May-July 2021…and just perhaps, through the connections now being made through the internet, these young artists may just find themselves on stage as part of that tour to honour the many musicians from every country who have entertained the world and kept us all going with their songs.  DUrbanTV salutes you all.

The young musicians published the resulting video on Instagram. Find it using the hashtag #unitingrhapsody.

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